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The Primary stage – Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – follows the British National Curriculum, which helps pupils to become active learners, learning in any context, both inside and outside the school. Primary school runs from Year 1 (5 years) to Year 6 (10 years).

All pupils have the core subjects of the British system, English Language, Mathematics and Science and complementary subjects such as History, Geography, Physical Education, Music, Computer Science, Art and PSHE (Personal, Social and Civic Education). In addition, they study the obligatory subjects of Social, Italian Language.

We believe that educating children means helping them become independent students. The relationship between family and school is fundamental in order to achieve this. Children learn best when they are involved in the learning process and when the activity is adapted to their individual needs.


In our school there are children and adults who seek PLEASURE to work, speak, think, invent, play and learn TOGETHER; remembering that educating (from the Latin e-ducere means to bring out, to lead) to educate a group of children means therefore having to “bring out” FROM EVERY CHILD HIS BEST, the his gifts, his talent and lead him to develop his MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.


a bilingual school path opens the child’s mind to new worlds, stimulates social integration and offers ifninite job opportunities for the future.

  Single room? No thanks

As foreseen by the Anglo-Saxon school model, children do not have a single classroom but change classrooms depending on the subject, this stimulates the autonomy and self-management of the child


school culture is not built only with basic school subjects. Besides metamatics, language and history it is important to connect the child to the world with interdisciplinarity, with activities ranging from science to sport to the most varied recreational activities


we all know how complex it is to follow children in their homework, at Northlands most of the work is done in the classroom during school hours, this allows us to lighten the workload of children and follow them more carefully. The homework is assigned only on the weekend and is assigned individually in order to have a greater focus on each child’s exiles.


in the world in which we move, it is inevitable to have full awareness of how technology works and how it can improve our lives. At Northland we teach a constructive and responsive approach to technology, educating children about the use of the net and technology


We make visits with each family previously arranged. Ask for information and come and meet us.