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Our History

Ours is an ambitious project: to create a place where every child finds his or her own space and its time. More than a school, we dream of creating a community of families in which children can grow and develop their personality and talents immersed in a healthy, green and spacious environment; supported in this exciting but also a delicate path by enthusiastic and qualified adults who want and can, thanks to the limited number of children, give each of them personal attention. Give it forms an educational environment that seduces children with the pleasure of culture.


of land of which 1500 square meters equipped with playground


are fully part of the our educational project


eating well makes you happy and supports growth


the children of the new millennium speak English


Piano – horseback riding – Martial Arts, Theater….

Our Vision

In our school there are children and adults who seek PLEASURE to work, speak, think, invent, play and learn TOGETHER; remembering that educating (from the Latin e-ducere means to bring out, to lead) to educate a group of children means therefore having to “bring out” FROM EVERY CHILD HIS BEST, the Piano – horseback riding – Martial Arts, Theater…. Extra activities his gifts, his talent and lead him to develop his MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. We use the force that naturally pushes children to knowledge, a force that multiplies if you manage to transmit them that culture, knowledge, facts, ideas are a pleasure and a privilege and that the adults who support them on this path they are their closest allies, and their peers are one resource.

Our Mission

Every child deserves the best and our aim is to put his own provides a stimulating environment that supports its natural curiosity and lead him towards a joyful learning e spontaneous. The success of our school is based on personalized support that we can offer each student because every person is unique and has a unique way of being and learning. Being able to create a school “tailored to each child “presupposes an absolute determination to dedicate personal attention and be willing to adapt to needs of each individual rather than claiming that the children are ad adapt to a stereotyped model of standardized education.